Natalie White and Issa Salliander are pleased to introduce their first collaborative project Virginia Sins, which plays on the the name of a cigarette brand marketed at the women’s liberation movement in the 60s by a male run advertising industry. The exhibition will feature three billboards produced to function as simultaneously indoor and outdoor structures, as well as 17 giant polaroid photographs. For this exhibition the artists are for the first time showing a video work also titled Virginia Sins.

The exhibition seeks to blur the line between artist and muse. “As someone who is seen as a pure painter it felt like a good time to invade the frame of one of my favourite subjects” – Issa. Many hybrids have been produced in recent history, but none perhaps as intensely striking and emotionally brutal as this. Intellectual substance is paired with visual delight. Salliander and White by using the giant polaroid format have transformed the idea of beauty by deliberately introducing elements of chance, intuition or irrationality into the system that governs the creation of these works. They are questioning the relationship between self-representation vs anonymity, thought and form.

The three billboards are a perfect blend of history of photography and the latest printing techniques. Issa and Natalie created the images using the giant polaroid camera then self-appropriated the images onto the large scale billboards that represent a widely used timeless marketing tool. Bringing them into the gallery space references recent history of art as well as rock ’n’ roll irreverence and contemporary politics. In doing so they have created a new form of self-portraiture.